Monday, August 21, 2006

My Dragon*Con Schedule

Here is the schedule of panels I will be on during this year's Dragon*Con convention Labor Day weekend in Atlanta:

Saturday Sepember 2

10am Classics on DVD

11:30 Technobabble

1:00pm Censorship

4:00 Star Trek vs. Star Trek

7:00 Star Trek XI: A New Hope(?)

10:00 Dead Authors

Sunday, September 3

1pm Forgotten Classics

2:30 Simian Sci-Fi

5:30 Star Trek vs. Lost in Space

I'm also going to be passing out minizines for Paul T. Riddell's forthcoming books and promoting Blood Blade and Thruster: The Magazine of Speculative Fiction and Satire. So if you're going to be there next weekend, come up and say hi!


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